10 Benefits of Omega-3 for Men

   1. Cardiac Death and Sudden Death: Research showed that the risk of cardiac death and sudden death were significantly reduced by 32% and 33% while the risk of heart attack was reduced by 25% among those who received omega-3 compared to the control group. 1   2. Lower’s Triglycerides: Eskimo-3 has been shown to […]

Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

Sleep plays such an important role in your physical health. There are many studies outlining the benefits of  a good night’s sleep, including: Improved concentration Improved productivity Less risk of heart disease and stroke Improved immune function Keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy Repairing tissues Stimulating growth in children Follow these tips and leave […]

Gift Guide for the Health Conscious!

It can be difficult to get a meaningful gift for the health obsessed in your life – especially when we are bombarded with advertising for alcohol and sweet treats! We have gathered a list of healthy gift ideas – and we have given our favourite Irish examples of each! A bespoke Eskimo-3/ZinCuFlex/Zerochol hamper – email […]

Top Tips for Managing Stress 

Stress is a normal part of life and almost everyone will go through a stressful time at some point. Stress isn’t always an external problem – we can stress ourselves out by worrying about things that may not turn out to be that bad. We all have different stress triggers but its about learning to […]

Winter Nutrients – Omega-3 and Vitamin D3!

Essential Winter Nutrients for Wellness – Omega-3 and Vitamin D3! We make plans to get our health back on track, be it by losing weight, sleeping more, improving your diet and exercising regularly. While these resolutions are important, taking omega-3 and vitamin D daily is one of the best ways to fight off the winter […]

Men’s Health – Dietary and Lifestyle Tips

Key health concerns men should be aware of these days Irish men should be encouraged to take more responsibility for their health.  The National Men’s Health Policy 2008-2013 from the Department of Health stated that Male life expectancy is 71 years old — five years lower than women. Men are more likely to die from the leading causes […]

Smart Fats for Kids

Give your children a head- start with smart fats this school year. Children need Omega 3 for every stage of their development. It boosts their brains, strengthens their immune system and lifts their mood. It is also claimed to improve behaviour, reduce anxiety and helps to improve language. Sounds too good to  be true – […]

Exams: Get Focused with Eskimo Brain 369 with Omega-3 DHA.

As a child, my mum used to say – “Eat up your fish – it will make you smarter”… and boy was she right! Oily fish is abundant in omega-3, a healthy fat that is essential to our brain and heart function, and overall well-being. Our bodies can’t produce omega-3, so we need to get […]

Start the New Year right!

Your body will thank you for it!   Every New Year, we make plans to get our health back on track, be it by losing weight, sleeping more, giving up fries or starting yoga. While these resolutions are wonderful, one of the best ways to improve your health and wellbeing is to start taking omega-3 […]