Eskimo-3: Serious about Quality.

Professor Tom SaldeenEarly in their research Professor Saldeen and his team at the University of Uppsala in Sweden found that the omega-3 fish oils commercially available at that time were of low quality and easily became rancid due to a loss of antioxidants during the purification of the fish oil to remove environmental toxins. The team also noticed that omega-3 fish oils with different standards of quality seemed to vary in efficacy. They found that the key factor for consistent results seemed to be the stability of the product used.

After many years of research, Professor Saldeen and his collaborator Rolf Wallin, PhD, solved this problem by developing the Pufanox technology, that actually restores the entire antioxidant profile after purification. This patented process ensures there is no risk of rancidity either while the product is being stored, or inside the body of the consumer.

This process resulted in Eskimo-3, a fish oil with unsurpassed stability, purity and safety.