Full Traceability.

Full Control over the Fishing Fleet

fishing boatAll of the oil used in Eskimo products derives from fish caught by boats owned by our supplier, which has a fishing fleet based in Peru. These boats are day-catchers, which means that they come back into harbour every day and that the fish are not stored onboard any longer than this. All fishing is strictly regulated by the country’s government, and our supplier has a precise quota for how much fish can be caught. The boats are fitted with GPS transmitters, which continuously report back catch data. Once the total quota has been reached, fishing stops immediately and the vessels return to harbour.

Only Sardines and Anchovies

To us, it is obvious that we should fish only for species that are not endangered in some way. And that we should choose those species that yield the best and most potent oil. The oil in Eskimo-3 (and, of course, Eskimo Kids, Eskimo Brain 3.6.9) comes from sardines and anchovies. These are deep-sea fish that are born in the pure waters of the Antarctic Ocean and then follow the cold Humboldt Stream up to the west coast of South America. Here they are caught off the coast of Peru, and nowhere else. This fish stock is very robust and grows quickly. Marine biologists estimate that it renews itself completely twice a year, and that the fish “only” have a natural life of around two years. These fish have a very high natural omega-3 content, which they need if they are to survive in such cold waters.

Strong Social Responsibility Ethic

The fishing vessels are crewed with local fishermen. The conditions they work under are good and they have an income that is above the industry average. The company also has a very strong social commitment, and runs a number of social responsibility programmes for its employees and their families.

Compliance with EU Directives

The fishing boats and all our facilities are, of course, approved under the EU directives that entered into force in March 2009.

You won’t find fish this fresh in Shops

To find fish as fresh as those used for our Eskimo capsules, you would have to go down to the harbour and meet your local fisherman when he gets back with his day’s catch, buy your fish and then go home and prepare it within four hours. Under EU legislation, all fish destined for fish oil for human consumption must be processed within 36 hours of being caught. The oil in Eskimo-3 is always extracted in less than half the permitted time – something we’re very proud of!


Our facilities in Peru that produce Eskimo fish oil have long been certified under ISO 9000 (quality) and ISO 14000 (environment).

We know Where every drop comes from…

As our supplier has its own fishing fleet and is responsible for the entire chain right up to the finished oil, we know exactly where every drop comes from. We can trace every capsule back to the day the fish were caught and the vessel that caught them.

…And how it is used

As all production is part of an unbroken chain, we also know exactly how all the raw materials are used. It is a requirement of Friend of the Sea that we deal with the fish responsibly.