How much Omega-3 is enough?

Your body depends on you to take care of it – to exercise regularly, to get plenty of sleep, to hydrate and to eat nutritious foods to nourish your body. One of the most beneficial nutrients for health and wellbeing is Omega-3. It is widely known that Omega-3 consumption can impact overall health.

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Omega-3 – Essential Everyday! 

Omega-3 fatty acids are the building blocks of every living cell in the human body. They are absolutely necessary for normal health and development. Without them, cells can’t function, renew, or maintain themselves properly. Omega 3s support brain, eye, and heart health throughout life. Omega-3 also plays an important role in thinning the blood and reducing inflammation throughout the body – in the blood vessels, the joints and elsewhere. The really important fatty acids are the “essential fatty acids”, considered essential since the body cannot make them, and therefore they must be obtained daily through diet or supplementation. Oily fish provides the most beneficial and active fatty acids, commonly referred to as EPA and DHA. Because your body cannot make omega-3, it must come from the foods you eat every day. Surprisingly, according to an IPSOS/MRBI survey, a massive 89% of Irish people are not consuming sufficient oily fish in their diet; so, there is often a need to supplement with a good-quality omega-3 product.

Health Benefits

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA have numerous health benefits approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA):

How much do I need?

Studies show that you need 250mg EPA and DHA daily to support heart health1and 250mg DHA daily for brain function2and vision3. Eating oily fish twice a week – such as salmon, mackerel, anchovies, tuna or sardines, provides a healthy dose of omega-3 EPA/DHA. Not a fish fan, you can choose a high-quality fish oil supplement such as Eskimo-3. Check your preferred supplement to see that you are getting adequate DHA, as often supplements can fall short.

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  • 800mg Omega-3 per capsule.
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