Paul Flynn – Dublin GAA All-Star Promotional Campaign.


This month in Naturally Good Health Magazine features Paul Flynn, Dublin GAA All-Star in a full 4 page spread.

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 Speaking at the launch of Eskimo-3 Fish Oil’s new promotional campaign, Paul Flynn, Dublin GAA All-Star explains why he is so enthusiastic about endorsing this range of health supplements. “When I got into sports, I was always trying to get any edge I could get over another player, even if there’s only one per cent of an edge. I feel omega 3 fish oils give me that one per cent edge that I need to perform better,”he explained.

‘Playing a good game requires a combination of fitness, strategy and focus and these are the areas that Eskimo-3 Fish Oil targets in the body – heart, brain and vision. In fact, all three are as essential to anything you do in everyday life as they are on the sports field. It’s also reassuring to see the level of research behind the Eskimo range – too many people take supplements without really checking them out.’