Family Omega-3 & Vitamin D Bundle #1

Family Omega-3 & Vitamin D Support – 2 Month Pack: 2 Adults + 2 Children

Boost your family’s immunity with this 2 month value bundle for 2 Adults and 2 Children. 

This bundle contains the optimum dosage of premium Omega-3 fish oil (to support heart, brain, vision, and joint health), with Vitamin D3 (which is critical for maintaining bone, teeth, muscle, and immune health), in one daily supplement for both adults and kids!


3 x Eskimo®-3 Extra with Vitamin D3


3 x Eskimo-3 Kids Orange or 3 Tutti Frutti 210ml 

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Family Omega-3 & Vitamin D Support – 2 Month Pack: 2 Adults + 2 Children

The perfect Support Pack to provide your family’s daily Omega-3 and Vitamin D needs!

This pack contains the optimum dosage of premium Omega-3 fish oil (to support heart, brain, vision, and joint health), with Vitamin D3 (which is critical for maintaining bone, teeth, muscle, and immune health), in one daily supplement for both adults and kids!

Boost your family’s immunity ahead of the Winter with this value bundle containing a 2-Month supply for 2 Adults and 2 Children. Packed with pure goodness – that’s the Eskimo-3 way!



Bundle Content

3 x Eskimo®-3 Extra with Vitamin D3


3 x Eskimo-3 Kids Orange or Tutti Frutti 210ml 


Product page FAQ's


    Do Eskimo®-3 products require refrigeration?

    It’s not necessary to keep Eskimo®-3 supplements refrigerated, however we do recommend that Eskimo®-3 supplements are stored in a cool, dry place, below 25°C, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, Eskimo®-3 liquids should be consumed within 3 months and capsule products within 6 months. Store out of reach of children.

    What time of day should I take Eskimo®-3 supplements?

    Eskimo®-3 supplements can be taken at any time of day, but we would recommend that you take them with food.

    What is the recommended daily intake of Eskimo®-3 supplements?

    Product Age Group Liquid Capsules/ Chewable
    Eskimo®-3 Adults and Children 12 years + 5ml daily 2-5 capsules daily
    Eskimo® Brain 369 Adults and Children 12 years + 5ml daily 2-4 capsules daily
    Eskimo®-3 Extra Adults and Children 12 years + 1-2 capsules daily
    Eskimo®-3 Kids – 

    Tutti Frutti or orange flavour

    Children 1-12 years 5ml daily
    Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ 3 years + 1 soft chew daily


    Please note:

    • Eskimo®-3 products should be taken with a main meal for improved absorption.
    • Capsules can be taken all at once.
    • The Tutti Frutti flavour combines natural fruit oils from cherry, raspberry, lemon and orange. The Eskimo®-3 Kids liquids are sugar free and do not contain any artificial sweeteners. Eskimo®-3 Kids can be simply taken off the spoon or added to smoothies, yoghurts, porridge or other food of choice for an extra brain boost.

    What Allergens do Eskimo®-3 products contain?

    All Eskimo®-3 products contain FISH. 

    Eskimo®-3, Eskimo®-3 Kids and Eskimo® Brain 369 contain lecithin (SOY). 

    Are Eskimo-3 products Gluten Free and Dairy Free?

    Yes, all Eskimo-3 products are gluten and dairy free.

    Can I take Eskimo-3 if I’m allergic to Soy?

    Yes, as the soy present is in the form of soybean oil. As many soy allergy sufferers know, soy allergies result from exposure to soy proteins. With soybean oil, there is no soy protein present. The soy present is in a minute amount as it is part of the lecithin in our antioxidant mixture “Pufanox” to help keep the product fresh. In European allergen legislation – soybean oil is not considered allergenic.


    ….. 6. Soybeans and products thereof, except: (a) fully refined soybean oil and fat (1); (b) natural mixed tocopherols (E306), natural D-alpha tocopherol, natural D-alpha tocopherol acetate, and natural D-alpha tocopherol succinate from soybean sources; (c) vegetable oils derived phytosterols and phytosterol esters from soybean sources; (d) plant stanol ester produced from vegetable oil sterols from soybean sources; 

    Should I be concerned about Soy and Isoflavones?

    Soybean oil (no soybean protein) doesn’t affect oestrogen production as it doesn’t contain any isoflavones, unlike soybeans.

    Do Eskimo®-3 products contain artificial colour and flavours?

    No, we only add natural flavours, with no artificial sweeteners or added sugar so you get all the goodness without a compromise. 

    • Eskimo®-3 is flavoured with natural lime oil
    • Eskimo® Brain 369 is flavoured with natural lemon oil
    • Eskimo®-3 Kids Tutti Frutti is flavoured with natural fruit oils from orange, raspberry, lemon and cherry oils.
    • Eskimo®-3 Kids orange is flavoured with natural orange fruit oil. 
    • Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ is flavoured with natural fruit oils from strawberry, orange and lemon.
    • Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ contains paprika as a natural colouring. 

    Do Eskimo®-3 products contain sugar or sweeteners?

    We only add natural flavours, with no artificial sweeteners or added sugar so you get all the goodness without a compromise. Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ is sweetened with xylitol and sorbitol, both from natural sources.

    Are the ingredients in Eskimo®-3 products derived from a genetically modified organism (GMO)?

    No, the fish oil in Eskimo-3 products is derived from wild fish harvested from the ocean. All other ingredients present are Non-GMO.

    Is it safe to take Eskimo-3 while I’m pregnant?

    Yes. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, one of the most important Omega-3 fatty acids is DHA, a key component in the development of your baby’s brain and eyes, while a balance of Omega-3 EPA and DHA helps keep the mother healthy.

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) advises that pregnant and breastfeeding women consume either through food or supplementation a minimum of 200mg Omega-3 DHA in addition to the 250mg omega-3 EPA and DHA recommended for adults. 

    We recommend the original Eskimo-3 during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it only contains omega-3 and vitamin E (for freshness)— no other nutrients are included. The rule of thumb is that during pregnancy, you should get your vitamins from a Prenatal designed for pregnancy.

    The Health Claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for omega-3 in pregnancy are as follows:

    • Omega-3 DHA maternal intake contributes to the normal brain development of the foetus and breastfed infants. (250mg DHA)
    • Omega-3 DHA maternal intake contributes to the normal visual development of infants up to 12 months of age. (250mg DHA)
    • Omega-3 DHA maternal intake contributes to the normal development of the eye of the foetus and breastfed infants. (250mg DHA)

    Eskimo-3 fish oil are 100% free of heavy metals including mercury and lead, free of pesticides, PCBs, dioxins and all other contaminants, making them a good alternative to eating fish while pregnant or breastfeeding. Eskimo-3 only uses the oil from the muscle of the fish and does not contain vitamin A, making it the perfect formulation to be taken throughout your pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.

    Are there any drug interactions with omega-3 fish oil?

    Omega-3 fish oil should not be taken alongside anti-coagulants (blood thinning medication such as warfarin, heparin, coumadin) unless approved and supervised by your medical practitioner.  

    Will fish oil or Essential Fatty Acids interfere with my medical condition or medications I am taking?

    In general, fish oil or essential fatty acids do not interfere with medications. However, if you have specific concerns, speak with your healthcare practitioner. We recommend that you speak with your medical practitioner if you take anti-coagulant medication, take high doses of aspirin or are anticipating surgery.

    Are there any differences between food supplements and medications? 

    Yes, Eskimo®-3 food supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Medications are specifically designed to treat diseases and are prescribed by doctors.   

    Are Eskimo®-3 products certified kosher?

    Eskimo®-3 is one of the few fish oils to be able to claim Kosher certification. All production steps from fishing vessel up to the final product must be known and verified in order to achieve full Kosher certification.

    Are Eskimo®-3 products certified halal?

    Yes, Eskimo®-3 is certified Halal.

    Are any of your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

    No, vegetarians or vegans should consider an Algae food supplement as a source of omega-3.


    Do Eskimo®-3 products contain mercury, lead or other heavy metals?

    Eskimo®-3 is a premium fish oil made from anchovies, sardines and mackerel, small fish that are naturally low in toxins, including heavy metals. The purification process of Eskimo®-3 is carried out close to the fishing grounds where pressing, centrifugation and molecular distillation all take place in accordance with GMP and pharmaceutical standards. State-of-the-art technology is used for the purification step meaning Eskimo®-3 products contain no residue from the manufacturing process and are hexane free. 

    Eskimo®-3 adheres to the stringent regulations for environmental contaminants and heavy metals as set out by the European Food Safety Authority. This ensures that all Eskimo®-3 products effectively eliminate environmental toxins. Eskimo®-3 is third party tested and regularly scores top marks for purity.

    Are there certificates of analysis available?

    Yes, each batch of Eskimo®-3 comes with a certificate of analysis, confirming purity for each batch. Certificates of analysis are available on request. 

    Are the fish from a sustainable source?

    Eskimo®-3 oil is of the highest quality from fully traceable and sustainable sources. Eskimo®-3 only use 100% sustainable fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel) which are provided by specialist fisheries that can be traced back to the individual fishing vessel and even the individual taking care of the fish. This traceability has resulted in the Eskimo®-3 range being awarded “Friend of the Sea” certification. 

    Any fishery wishing to receive certification must adhere to the strict criteria laid down by Friend of the Sea as follows: 

    • Products use oil from fish stocks that are not over exploited

    • Fishing practices prevent by-catch of endangered species

    • No impact on the seabed

    • Compliance with regulations

    • Company practices include high standards for social accountability

    • Gradual reduction of carbon footprint

    Friend of the Sea certification is important not only for Eskimo®-3 but also for our customers and the environment. 

    Can I recycle the packaging?

    Yes, the glass bottle can be recycled in the brown bottle bank, and the cardboard and lids can be disposed of in your home recycling bin. 

    How do Eskimo-3 ensure minimum impact to the environment

    Since their founding in 1991, Eskimo-3 has been committed to the health of the oceans and our environment. Eskimo-3 was one of the first omega-3 fish oils in Ireland to receive Friend of the Sea certification, which guarantees that we always use sustainable fishing practices and fully sustainable oily fish. Further to our commitment to the environment, Eskimo-3 only use packaging which is 100% recyclable. In 2021, we are taking a further step forward and switching to FSC Certified packaging. 

    By choosing Forest Stewardship Council® certified packaging, we can help to protect nature and social conditions and promote responsible forest management. 

    The FSC® label is a guarantee that:

    1. In an FSC® forest, no more trees are felled than the forest can manage to reproduce. This helps to ensure a CO2-neutral forest.
    2. Animals and plant life are protected. Parts of FSC® forests are preserved completely, and areas with endangered animals and plants are protected.
    3. The people that work in the forests are ensured training, safety equipment, decent wages and the right to join or form trade unions.

    What type of fish are used in Eskimo®-3 supplements?

    Eskimo®-3 products only use omega-3 oil derived from 100% sustainable oily fish – anchovies, sardines and mackerel. All Eskimo®-3 products are certified Friend of the Sea.

    Where are the fish caught?

    These are deep-sea fish that are born in the pure waters of the Antarctic Ocean and then follow the cold Humboldt Stream up to the west coast of South America. Here they are harvested from the fresh waters off Peru.

    Can the capsules be broken if I find swallowing difficult?

    No, however the original Eskimo-3 with Vitamin E come in small, easy to swallow 500mg capsules. Alternatively, choose from Eskimo®-3, Eskimo Brain 369 and Eskimo®-3 Kids which are available in liquid form or Eskimo-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ which is an orange flavoured soft chew.

    What age group is Eskimo®-3 omega-3 supplements suitable for?

    The Eskimo®-3 range contains products suitable for everyone from 1 year and over! Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, offer support for heart, brain, vision and pregnancy.

    What Eskimo®-3 products are suitable for children?

    Eskimo®-3 Kids Liquid Tutti Frutti flavour: 1-12 years old

    Eskimo®-3 Kids Liquid Orange flavour: 1-12 years old

    Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+: 3 years +

    Eskimo®-3 Liquid: ¼ teaspoon – 1-6 years old

    ½ teaspoon – 6-12 years old

    1 teaspoon – 12 years +

    How do I take Eskimo®-3 liquids?

    You can enjoy it straight from the teaspoon or add it to smoothies and yogurt or drizzle on porridge and pancakes. You can even use it to make nutritious energy balls!

    What nutrients are in the Eskimo®-3 products?

    Product Size Omega-3/ EPA/DHA Omega-6 Omega-9 Vitamin D Vitamin E CoQ10
    Eskimo®-3 210ml 1700mg


    Eskimo®-3 250 caps 740mg


    Eskimo® Brain 369 210ml 1500mg


    460mg 700mg 5ug 10mg 10mg
    Eskimo® Brain 369 120 caps 1200mg


    400mg 600mg 2ug 9.2mg 4mg
    Eskimo®-3 Extra 50 caps 800mg


    20ug 3mg
    Eskimo®-3 Kids Tutti Frutti or orange flavour 210ml 1155mg


    462mg 1663mg 5ug 6.5mg
    Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ 27 chews 362mg

    54mg/ 270mg

    10ug Choline





    How many servings are in the Eskimo®-3 products?

    Product Size No. Servings Cost/ serving
    Eskimo®-3 210ml 5ml daily – 

    42 servings

    0.66 cent
    Eskimo®-3 250 caps 2 caps – 125 servings 4 caps – 62 servings 0.25 cent

    0.50 cent

    Eskimo® Brain 369 210ml 2 caps – 60 servings 4 caps – 30 servings 0.57 cent

    1.13 cent

    Eskimo®-3 Extra 50 caps 1 cap daily – 

    50 servings

    0.59 cent
    Eskimo®-3 Kids – 

    Tutti Frutti or orange flavour

    210ml 5ml daily – 

    42 servings

    0.54 cent
    Eskimo®-3 Kids Chewable DHA+ 27 chews 1 soft chew daily – 

    27 servings

    0.61 cent


    Can I take a multi-vitamin alongside my Eskimo-3 product?

    Yes, there are two overlapping nutrients- vitamin D3 and vitamin E. 

    Eskimo Brain 369 contain 5ug vitamin D3 (100% NRV). Most multi-vitamins contain 10ug vitamin D3. According to The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College Dublin, it is recommended that adults get 10-20 ug vitamin D per day via diet or supplementation to maintain adequate levels. The chart below shows the safe upper limits as advised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) – as you can see adults can tolerate up to 100ug but that high level is not advised.  By combining a multi-vitamin with Eskimo Brain 369, you will be consuming approx 15-25ug vitamin D3, so this is perfectly safe.

    Our Eskimo-3 products provide between 4.6mg – 13mg vitamin E, an antioxidant to keep the oil fresh. Most multi vitamins provides between 40-100mg vitamin E, however EFSA state that adults can tolerate up to 300mg vitamin E daily so, there is no safety issue in combining your chosen Eskimo-3 product with a multi-vitamin. 

    Can I take a probiotic alongside my Eskimo-3 supplement?

    Yes, it is perfectly fine to combine any of the Eskimo-3 range with a probiotic. No interaction exists.

    Can I give my child both Eskimo-3 Kids and a kids multi-vitamin?

    Yes, there are two overlapping nutrients- vitamin D and vitamin E. Within Eskimo-3 Kids, there is 5ug vitamin D3 (100% NRV). Most children multi-vitamins contain 5ug – 10ug vitamin D3. Children and Teens should be getting approx. 15ug daily so this is perfect. 

    As you can see in the table below, the European Food Safety Authority state that children can tolerate up to 50ug daily 1-10 years or 100ug for 11+, so there is no need to worry as only both products provide approx. 15ug combined. 

    Also Eskimo-3 Kids contains 6.5mg vitamin E, an antioxidant to keep the oil fresh. Most children’s multi vitamins provides between 10-16mg vitamin E, however the safe upper limits set by EFSA start at 100mg daily for 1-3 year old’s, therefore there is no issue taking both supplements together.

    Can I give my child both Eskimo-3 Kids and a probiotic?

    Yes, it is perfectly fine to combine Eskimio-3 Kids with a probiotic. No interaction exists.

    What does NRV on the product label mean?

    The abbreviation RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) has been commonly used on food supplement labels for decades but in recent years, this term has been replaced with NRV which is an abbreviation for ‘Nutrient Reference Value’. 

    NRV’s are set for 13 vitamins and 14 minerals for the purposes of food labelling and are EU guidance levels on the daily amount of vitamin or mineral that the average healthy person needs to prevent deficiency. 

    Food supplement labels list the ingredients included in the product and give the proportion of the NRV value (% NRV) that is contained within the supplement e.g. Vitamin D, 10ug, 200% NRV.

    Where can I purchase Eskimo®-3 products?

    Eskimo®-3 is available in health food stores, pharmacies and online at eskimo3.ie 

    Just enter your closest town/ city in the YOUR LOCATION input on the “OUR STOCKISTS” page.