Pure, Natural and Stable Omega-3.

Completely Natural
It is often said in the context of fish oil that a high content of the two best-known fatty acids – EPA and DHA – would be better. But it’s not that simple. Natural fish oil contains much more than just these fatty acids. To be called natural, the composition of the fish oil should be as close as possible to the fatty acid content of fresh fish. As such, natural fish oil cannot possibly have a higher content of omega-3 fatty acids than 38%, as this is the percentage in the fattiest of fresh fish. There are no concentrated fish!

Natural Health Benefits
Much of what we now know about the health benefits of taking omega-3 daily is based on large population studies of groups that eat lots of fish. This is a key reason why we have chosen to work with natural fish oil rather than fish oil concentrate. We believe that it is the whole package that helps to make fish – and thus fish oil – so healthy! Eskimo products contain only completely natural omega-3. This means that we know for sure that no other important substances have got lost along the way.

Highest Purity
Customers often ask whether they can be sure that our oil is free from environmental toxins. After all, there are no clean seas! The answer is a simple yes. You can count on Eskimo products to be pure and safe.

All of our products have been awarded top marks for both purity and stability. Sardines and anchovies live deep in the ocean and are often fairly young when caught. This means that they have a relatively low content of environmental toxins from the outset. The oil is handled in line with stringent regulations from start to finish. Before it ends up in capsules or a bottle, it undergoes a purification process – courtesy of our cutting-edge and extremely gentle technology – that guarantees consumers a product that is completely devoid of any environmental toxins. The purification process is also so mild, and our unique patented technology to restore the antioxidant content so effective, that we can be totally confident that the natural omega-3 fatty acids are not jeopardised.

Unsurpassed purity and stability

All fish oil is naturally susceptible to contamination from heavy metals such as mercury as well as from environmental chemicals. It is essential that these harmful toxins be removed from the oil. The rigorous quality control behind Eskimo-3 oil ensures that it remains one of the purest fish oils on the market today.

The purification process of Eskimo-3 is carried out close to the fishing-grounds, which are located in clean nonpolluted waters. Here pressing, centrifugation and molecular distillation all take place in accordance with GMP and pharmaceutical standards. Since the best available, state of- the-art technology is used for the purification procedure, Eskimo products are ultra-pure containing no residues from the manufacturing process and are hexane free.

Recent tests have shown that among the fish oil brands scientifically evaluated, Eskimo-3 was found to be the cleanest of all those tested. Harmful dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs, as well as heavy metal contaminants, such as cadmium and mercury, were all below detection levels. An independent trial conducted in February 2006 showed that out of 16 brands of fish oil tested, one month after opening only two contained peroxide values below the limit set by the European Pharmacopeoia – these two products were Eskimo-3 and Eskimo Kids!

Low levels of PCB and Dioxins Purity is also an important factor when gauging the quality of an Omega-3.   The following final two charts show a) a purity study carried out in Ireland 2002. As the pictures clearly show – Eskimo-3 was by far the purest product (with the lowest PCB values) tested. This result is verified by b) which shows the result of the Swedish Food Agency’s measuring of PCBs and dioxins in a number of Omega-3 product in 2004.