Sonia O’ Sullivan.




Sonia O’ Sullivan
Irish Olympic Athlete

Ireland’s most successful and loved female athlete, Sonia O’ Sullivan is a big fan of Eskimo-3. The Olympic Silver Medal capped a string of success’s by Sonia which included three World Championship Gold Medals, three European Championship Gold Medals, four World Records plus many more. Sonia is a big advocate for eating a healthy diet and regularly exercising.

“Eskimo Oil is an essential part of my daily diet . I always keep the bottle handy so I don’t forget as ever since I have been using Eskimo oil daily, I have noticed that all my aches and pains in my joints as a result of years and years of hard training and racing have disappeared. Sometimes I have to pinch myself on the run as I am amazed at how much more spring I have in my running and it is so much more enjoyable to get out for a pain free run each day. Thank you Eskimo oil for renewing my love of running everyday. I have also noticed that my skin has a healthy glow and smoothness, which I attribute to taking my oils daily. I can’t recommend Eskimo oils enough, they are perfect for the whole family.”