Eskimo Brain 369 to support memory and concentration
Claire Breen, Dublin

“I have used Eskimo-3 fish oils over the past year and have found them unbelievably beneficial. My mum introduced them to me for exams, and while at first I was reluctant, I was extremely grately and tried them. Within 1-2 days I felt sharper and more focused.

After a few weeks, my skin was smooth and clear, which I also attribute to the product. It is a natural, affordable and an amazing product which I have recommended to friends.”

 Eskimo Brain 369 to support memory and concentration
Mary Conway, Castlebar

Love Eskimo Brain 369!

I’ve been using Eskimo Brain 369 for the last 3 years. I find it fantastc for my memory. I used to forget where I left things all the time but now my memory is excellent. I’m 85 years of age and have no aches or pains whatsoever and I feel great and love life! I have no hesitation in recommending this product because I want to help others feel as well as I do!.

Eskimo-3 Kids Omega-3 Fish Oil and Seed Oil Complex for Brain Function
MiriamLoughrea, Co Galway

“I give Eskimo oils to all three of my children, aged 10, 7, and 4.  I am a huge fan, as I have seen a dramatic improvement in my children’s general health since starting to use them consistently, almost two years ago.  My oldest son was tortured every winter with coughing, and was pumped full of steroids and inhalers none of which ever seemed to make any major difference to him, however since he has been given Eskimo oils consistently he has improved dramatically.  I have not made a G.P visit with any of my children for many months, I believe this is in no small way due to the consistent use of Eskimo oils, and the great benefit they are to their overall health, so mums if you do one thing for your children this winter start them on these oils, of all the products out there in my opinion these are the business, the research is there regarding how beneficial they are to children’s wellbeing mentally and physically.  But a word of advice if you do start to give them to your kids be consistent, always have a spare bottle in the press, don’t have a stop and start approach, you too will reap the rewards.  I have converted all my friends and colleagues, with young children and even a few with teenagers.”

 Eskimo-3 Kids Omega-3 Fish Oil and Seed Oil Complex for Brain Function
Mary, Dublin

“I bought Eskimos oil from you for my children .Just wanted to let you know that the product is wonderful , I’ve noticed that my girls are more alert whilst taking the oil .Also the Tutti fruitti flavour is so easy for them to take and they like it ” .



 Eskimo-3 Premium Omega-3 Liquid   


Yvonne, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo

“Approximately 16years ago I had an operation on my left foot. During the operation some nerves in my ankle were damaged and over time I lost the power in my left leg and was in constant pain. I found myself so sedated with pain medication that I lost my ability to retain anything i tried to read and to carry out any daily responsibilities. I tried many items in the health industry to try and improve the quailty of my health and ability to move around without being in too much pain. I wanted to restore the quality of my skin, hair and my painful joints. However, after spending alot of money and no results, I came across Eskimo Brain with Omega 3, 6, 9, and Co-Q10 for Brain Support. I did my research and made enquiries in various pharmacies and health food stores and I decided to try the liquid form of the product as I felt it may be better for my joints.

After one bottle I found that I was in better form. My depression began to decrease and I started to be more aware of my ability to read a few pages of a book and remember the story. My concentration began to improve. I started to feel alive again. Eskimo Brain has brought a huge transformation back into my life and I cannot express in words the value of this product.
A very grateful user of Eskimo Brain with Omega 3, 6, 9 and Co-Q10 for regaining my health to a level it has never been before”.